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About Lino Laure

Lino Laure was born on Leyte Island, Philippines, but grew up in Southern California when his family emigrated to the US in 1972. He received a BA in Liberal Arts at Cal Poly, Pomona, California with a minor in Education. After teaching grade school for a few years, a chance encounter with a master from India, versed in the ancient healing arts, martial arts and yoga, changed his direction.

When the opportunity came to study yoga with his teacher, he immersed himself in the wisdom of the East. It was then, also, when he began to paint. As a self-taught painter, Lino observed, from the beginning, that his instinct to mix color and manage techniques came naturally to him. When he lived in the Bay Area in the late 90's to early 2000, he joined the San Francisco Artist Guild. This was the first time he showcased his artwork to the public. In 2003, he traveled to Hawaii and stayed for the next 12 years, painting landscapes prolifically, keeping in pace with buyers collecting his work. In 2016 he returned to the mainland and settled in Tucson, Arizona. Maintaining a studio practice and tutoring in painting in Tucson, Lino also teaches at The Drawing Studio art center.

Lino Laure
Preferred Pronouns: He/Him
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Open Studio Tour

About the Process

My art is focused primarily on abstract paintings. However, I also enjoy painting landscapes and representational art. After years of predominantly painting landscapes, I realized there was a parallel to nature and the abstract. Nature is essentially pure abstract when we "remove" our "definitions" of what we see: It is a cloud, mountain, tree, rock, etc. When these concepts are momentarily suspended, essentially, we see colors, shapes, patterns, lines and so on...visual elements that are the basis of abstract compositions. I appreciate a variety of art genre; and, thus, my artwork often reflects this when you view the collection on my website. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my artwork with you.

How to Purchase

To purchase prints of my artwork, please visit

To purchase an original artwork or inquire about commission paintings, please email me directly at or call me at 808-321-6923.

During this Open Studio Tour, you may see and purchase my artwork by meeting me in person at the address indicated below.


Open Studio Tour Schedule: Dec. 4th & 5th and Dec.11th &12th. Open from 10am to 3pm. Weekdays, I’m available by appointment: 808-321-6923

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