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About Martha Retallick

While I was in high school, I made a discovery that would change my artistic life. Simply put, I just wasn’t good at drawing or painting. Sculpture? Forget it. Ceramics? Meh. Printmaking? Nope.

Photography? Well, that was a different story. I felt like I was born to do it. In photography class, I was introduced to professional-grade cameras. What a difference! Through the viewfinder, I could see what the lens was focused on – and my skills took a giant leap forward.

Since high school, my photographic journey has taken me on bicycle adventures through all 50 states, Tucson events that range from weddings to car shows, and my own back yard.
Hesperaloe Flowers
Blossoming Aloe Vera
Purple Coneflowers

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About the Process

When I’m photographing people, I prefer to get shots of them in action, rather than having them pose for a portrait. I especially enjoy combining the mix of raw physical labor and artistry of humans and machines in motion. Just call it storytelling in pictures.

With I'm in the natural environment, it's my nature to use the camera for things that the human eye isn’t good at seeing – like the selective use of depth of
field and focusing on specific characteristics I find outstanding. I’m also interested in patterns, texture, surface, and detail. Ultimately, I’m aiming to capture the
surprise and delight of temporal beauty, like feathery senna flower blossoms momentarily bejeweled by raindrops or a ripening fig surrounded by brilliant autumn leaves.

How to Purchase

Want to buy my art? Here’s how to do it. 1) Stop by my studio. Please make appointments in advance and be sure to wear your mask. 2) Give me a call or send an email. 3) I have a profound allergy to social media, so don’t go looking for me on Faceborg or the Tweety-bird. Instead, go to and sign up for my newsletter. I’ve been publishing it monthly since 2005, and I guarantee it’s like no other.

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