Michael B Schwartz

Visual Artist; Painting, Drawing, Public Art
About Michael B Schwartz

As a public artist I listen deeply to the voices of place. My work relies on the principles of sustainable design. As a public artist these works - be they murals, built structures, experimental or social practice - seek to create an environment conducive to social transformation. I’m influenced by everything from policy, to the stories gathered during design meetings. Every detail of a project is important to me. Making the final work safe, secure and durable, using the best materials and latest in best practices, yes - but also for it to have a life of it’s own, for the people who live there to truly have a sense of ownership and belonging to the work. I feel it’s important for the public to feel engaged, included, inspired and curious.

Ryetta's Harbor

Installation, 2018


Pencil on Paper, 2022

Tucson Mountains
Acrylic on Canvas 2022 16" x 20"

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