Paloma Jacqueline

Paloma Jacqueline is a native Tucsonan. She went to the U of A and studied film with a BFA in Film and Television Studies. She also attended Pima College where she studied Media Arts and Ceramics. Workin in the community for
About Paloma Jacqueline

My artwork serves as a way to connect people of all ages and skill levels to creating a mural with clay tiles where they can harness their natural skills and talents and connect on a community level. The mural projects that I have led and taught classes and workshops for, give people an opportunity to tell their stories and work together to complete the project from start to finish. Working with clay gives people the chance to connect to the earth and heal while learning a new or familiar skill. By incorporating stories from the community and culture it also gives people a place to capture a moment in time and share their stories with not only the greater Tucson area but with the world.

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