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About Paz de la Calzada

I am a San Francisco based artist creating large site-specific drawings and temporary installations in playful dialogue with distinct elements of urban space. Through elegant and lyrical forms, my work proposes a dynamic relationship to arise between the artwork, the viewer, and the space in which it is exhibited. As an artist I am committed to creating whimsical and entertaining pathways that showcase the relationship between humans and the natural and artificial world, and between daily life and ritual. I am adept at creating work that speaks directly to a space, its flow, architectural character, and the potential interactions of passersby using innovative materials and design.

Paz De la Calzada
Preferred Pronouns: she/her
Mural. 8 x 20, 5’ x 6’ and 6’ x 6’ Plant based Pigments, Acrylic and Herbal Tincture
836M Mural

I combined drawing, herbalism and myth to explore the relationship between nature and urban landscape, unveiling the rituals of everyday life. I walked the neighborhood following a path of healing that would connect the gallery space with the surround urban flora. I mapped secret herbs that grow in the urban landscape around the gallery, and claimed their potential to contribute with a story. The plants collected, Mint, Mugwort and Fennel, have unique stories, from myth and healing properties to their own origin. 

45’ x 245’ Metal screen print Parking Garage, California State Complex, Sacramento Public Art Commission: California Department of General Services
Flowing Together

This artwork is inspired by the confluence of the Sacramento and the American River, very close to where this office complex is situated. The two rivers bring fresh water from the Sierras, meet, and become one in Sacramento. This convergence of two streams of water and energy —creating a dynamic and transformational flow— is a metaphor of the flow of life, a transition from the past to the future, and blending to create vitality and connection. Celebrating the healing and soothing properties of the element of water, it invites the viewers to witness the challenges and opportunities that we face in a changing climate, offering and image that is uplifting and positive.

36’ x 30’ Streetscape Ground mural in collaboration with local community California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA Public Art Commission: Palo Alto Public Art Program, CA
Quercus 650
Mural that explores the relationship between California oaks and water in the context of the climate crisis. In 2009 many oak trees were removed from this intersection. Community members volunteered to paint local oak tree leaves, bringing back the oaks

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