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Peter relishes the challenge of combining two seemingly contrasting mediums, steel and fused glass, and transforming them into one harmonious form. While the hard coldness of steel and the fragility of glass contradict each other, Peter focuses on steel’s form and glass’ ability to play with color and light to create his striking abstract sculptures.
Peter has not always combined glass and steel in his work. His work initially focused on steel where he created large and small free -standing pieces as well as wall pieces. These works utilized various finishes, including patinas, powder-coating, enamels and rust. Peter still creates all steel works. In Tucson, his work is shown at Jane Hamilton Fine Art Gallery, 2890 E. Skyline Drive and his steel studio is at 801 N. Main in Tucson.
As a young man Peter moved from Chicago to the Southwest. When he is not sculpting, Peter can be found exploring the deserts, mountains, rivers, and forests of the West. It is here that he finds inspiration.
Peter’s art work is enjoyed by private collectors throughout the United States and in Canada as well as in several public collections.

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Peter Eisner
Artist Statement

I am inspired by the stark forms and colors of the natural world. Working with the mediums of glass and steel, I am driven to create sculptures that convey both beauty and strength. In producing works of art by applying fire and heat to basic elements, I find a joy that is almost spiritual.
Using glass, whether transparent or opaque, I can bring vibrant color and movement to the sculpture. My work ranges from table-top pieces to 12-foot structures, and most pieces can be placed either inside or outside.
In the glass creation process, I fuse dozens and sometimes hundreds of pieces of glass into one solid piece and unite it with the steel element. The finished steel is either solid or hollow- form. Whether I make the steel element first and then incorporate the glass, or make the glass first and then shape the steel, I try to integrate form and color into a coherent whole.

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