At Pneuhaus we craft innovative experiential artworks for public spaces that invite viewers of diverse experience into shared moments of wonder and engagement with their own creative curiosity.
About Pneuhaus

Canopy is a grove of illuminated tree-like sculptures that continuously transform, illuminating and expanding as participants power them with bike-driven generators. Canopy empowers its visitors by giving them a first hand experience of green electricity generation. As Canopy’s players pedal and see their efforts transformed into large scale beauty and are invited to be amazed with themselves. This is our first collaboration with the event design collective Bike Powered Events.

Compound Camera

The Compound Camera is an immersive dome made of 109 inflatable pinhole cameras that each cast a live projection of the surrounding environment. Together they create a stunning tessellated panorama likened to standing inside the eye of a fly. Visitors are encouraged to touch the textile walls to adjust the focal range of the image just as our own eyes relax and contract to focus.

Pnit celebrates the beauty of fabrics by magnifying a simple knit stitch pattern to a magnificent scale so its strength and elegance can be seen. Pneuhaus has always pushed the boundaries of textile construction and the image of the knit swatch is an ode to our love of materials. At night, the sculpture transforms into a tapestry of moving light and color that is continuously reprogrammable for maximum versatility.

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