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Welcome to a vibrant world painted on silk! Using silk painting, I seek to depict desert flora and fauna in a playful and vibrant manner. Some of my works are meant to hang on a wall while others are wearable.
About Raebird Creations

Raebird Creations LLC is the art-based business of Saraiya Kanning. As a silk painter, creative writer, and flutist, Saraiya finds the creative process integral to everyday life. Creative activity helps the mind focus, open up, relax, and make exciting discoveries. Far more than makers of objects pleasing to the eye, artists are adventurous, curious, and inquisitive. Artists are storytellers, songsters, painters, gardeners, sculptors, and more. They imbue their communities with vibrant energy.

Saraiya received her BA in Creative Writing from Colorado College and her MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona. She has practiced the visual arts, including charcoal, graphite, watercolor, and acrylic, for over 25 years. She specializes in the silk painting of scarves and hangable pieces.

Saraiya's current projects include playful and vibrant depictions of animals (especially birds) and plants using silk painting or watercolor.

Saraiya Kanning
Preferred Pronouns: she/her
Blue Jackrabbit
Blue Roadrunner
Dragonfly Magic

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About the Process

When I make art, I seek inspiration from the Earth. Plants, wildlife, and landscapes speak to me and call me to celebrate them through painting. Silk painting is a multi-step process, so I try to lean into the moment and enjoy the journey, knowing the final result may not come for weeks. It begins with an idea, which I sketch on paper and trace/transfer onto silk. I outline the image with resist or gutta, which later acts as a barrier to dye. When I add the dye (the best part!), it flows freely in all directions but will not pass a gutta line. The process cannot stop there - the dyes must be made permanent by steaming the fabric in a tamale cooker for 2-3 hours. If the piece is a scarf, I wash and iron the final piece. If the piece is for the wall, I adhere or stretch it on a canvas. Silk painting methods are diverse, and often there is not one "right" way to paint. For example, there are many types of resists you can use, as well as many types of silk, and then there are multiple ways to make it hangable. For this reason, silk painting is an endless process of experimentation. I keep a curious spirit about me and ask a lot of questions for each painting.

How to Purchase

Visitors can purchase art from my Etsy site: RaebirdCreationsArt


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