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About the Process

for the lunar trackers, i spend time through out the year observing seasonal ecology, and reflect on how plants, animals, and fungi show movement and transition. while it may be more recognizable to call these "moon calendars" i stay away from that terminology because the word "calendar" has its root in debt collection and class-gap enforcement (explained more in the book). the purpose of these books is exactly the opposite: to move away from capitalism’s narrow and rigid way of describing movement of time and space.
i use pen to then draw scenes which correspond to each of the moon cycles for that year, then compile these into a long book which i hand sew.
the opening page has suggestions for how to interact with the tracker:
a tool for observing your environment / your own biorhythms + health societal + earth events
for planning + organizing / as a date book / as a diary as a field log as a dream book
as a poetry practice / a'sketch a'day / mood scribbling cloud drawings monster yearbook

How to Purchase

To purchase, either visit lunartracking.bigcartel.com, or email me directly at vetivir@gmail.com to arrange a transaction. I can drop-off in Tucson, or can mail your tracker if preferred.

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