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About Rebecca Paradies

As a child, I would play in the garden creating mud huts and pathways for my troll dolls. I would make clothing out of leaves, twigs and whatever natural materials I could find. I was always creating using materials in out of context environments. I left college with a BFA in fiber arts and began exploring mixed media painting and collage. Eventually I found my way back to mud and began combining wire, sticks, thorns, feathers and my grandmothers buttons. I would weave and sew these items onto my handbuilt pots. Mud and fiber together again!
I have exhibited in the TMA biannual, collective shows at Pima Community College, Tohono Chul gallery, and various other galleries and private collections .
My philosophy is simple, keep creating, enjoy the process even when it is a constant exercise of solving problems , ripping out a finished piece and beginning again. Several of my pieces have gone through many many incarnations, pairing down to it's true essence. This process keeps me engaged and interested even when I sometimes want to throw the piece across the room.
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About the Process

I begin with a lump of clay pinching, turning, pinching, paddling, pushing, stretching the clay into a desired form. Sometimes rolling the clay and slumping the clay in a random bowl. Listening to how the clay wants to respond. Poking holes in the leather hard clay unsure of what form the piece will take. Blind faith at this point. Waiting for the clay to dry slowly so as not to crack, split or fall apart. First fire, fingers crossed I wait. Glazing or not glazing, possibly an oxide where I stoop over a bucket of cold water massaging the color into the piece and scrubbing it off staining my hands red. Back in the kiln, fingers crossed again. This is where the kiln gods are called on. I search for my piece on the shelves or table of finished work trying to recall what work I did the weeks before. Gently I bring them home wrapped in bubble wrap. I place them on my work table and listen. Sometimes a dream will direct me and I begin trying different structures for the warp. I continue to listen, wrapping, sewing, weaving. Eventually the piece continues or gets ripped out and I begin again.

How to Purchase

Visitors can call, text and email. Happy to meet distantly on my back patio.

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