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Preferred Pronouns: He/Him
Cold Cave

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About the Process

Drawing is my primary medium. It allows me to be spontaneous, conceptual and accessible. Its impact is direct and connects with early maker experiences, communicates within a modesty of means, and carries less historical baggage than other mediums.

My materials vary from series to series but I typically use paper with pencil, ink and gouache. While my work evolves from personal themes, I'm more interested in the cultural imagination and how people interpret images and make sense of the world around them. For this reason, I draw from images repeatedly or trace from photographs I find online to reduce the gestural qualities of drawings. I am also invested in exploring the way drawing materials smear, stain, and puddle as a counterpoint to the more controlled elements of my work.

My earlier work in site-specific performance made me aware of the context for viewing art. I work against the pedestrian aspects of drawing by playing with how they are displayed. I’m inspired by places like flea markets, roadside attractions, museums, junk shops, or side shows where people are encouraged to make their own connections in nonlinear ways.

How to Purchase

Visitors can purchase art from me. Any artwork dated earlier 2016 can be purchased through Civilian Art Projects in Washington DC

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