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I have been creative for most of my life. As a child growing up on a farm in North Louisiana, my favorite toys were Crayons, a Lite-Brite, and a Spirograph. I didn’t learn that I had a gift for drawing until I took an art class in high school for an “easy A”. That “easy A” led to a lifetime love of art! I minored in art in college and have attended a few workshops but I am primarily self taught. I’ve worn several creative hats in the past…fashion stylist, floral designer, children’s art instructor. But it wasn’t until my youngest child got “wheels” under him, and with the encouragement of my husband of 30 years, that I decided to focus full time on painting. Having relocated to several states due to my husband’s work, I am grateful to have landed in Tucson, AZ and be welcomed by a community that values and appreciates artists and creatives.

Preferred Pronouns: she/her
Vesper Lights 48" x 24"
Before The Color Fades 24" x 48"
Persephone's Pick 48" x 36"

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My process is a mix of bold pure color, textured layers, and movement in the mixed medias of acrylic, paper, ink, wax pastels, and charcoal. I add many layers of texture, paint, sprinklings of rubbing alcohol...then sanding off some of those layers as the piece progresses. I then allow the painting to steer me in the direction it wants to go, leaving me surprised and delighted at the destination. As a gardener and former floral designer, flowers appear as a major theme in most of my work. However, I refrain from trying to control the piece and let it take its own course having only a color scheme in mind at the beginning. I prefer to leave parts of my paintings seemingly "unfinished" so as to allow the viewer to add their own continuation of the process. I love when people tell me “your paintings make me happy”. That is the best compliment to ever receive!

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My work can be purchased directly from me and viewed at either my gallery space at the Steinfeld Warehouse Arts Center or at my home studio by appointment.

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