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About The Glass Desert

A desert dweller for the past 14 years, I translate my love of my desert surroundings into a line of Modern Stained Glass cacti and other desert inspired home decor. My work is inspired by my day to day environment as I strive to pay homage to Tucson's amazing Sonoran Desert. Each piece evokes the personality of the desert and are great for plant lovers with green or black thumbs.

Preferred Pronouns: she/her
Crystal Cactus
Sugar Skull Monarchs
Hanging Cactus Grouping

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About the Process

In all of my life, I strive to live as lightly as I can. I think about every choice I make and how it will impact the larger picture - each plastic bag I refuse, each time I refill my metal water bottle, my choice not to have children. I bring these same ideals into my glasswork. Most of the glass I use is vintage, each cup is repurposed, and I use recycled packaging materials. Every piece utilizes recycled materials, so TGD's products are low footprint and high quality. When you shop TGD, you can be proud to know that you are doing good in the world and taking a small step to reduce our impact on the planet.

How to Purchase

There are several ways to shop The Glass Desert! You can visit my Online Shop at I have an active Etsy Shop at Or you can visit my Facebook album and contact me via the album at

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