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Throughout my practice, I have always prioritized the accessibility of artwork to a variety of audiences, as a result my work needs to exist within the public sphere. My background spans across fields, from printmaking to street art, graphic design, and skateboarding, this culmination of approaches has given me a fresh and specific vantage point as a muralist. In making art within a public arena, I always consider the possibility of joy, curiosity, and surprise that encountering a mural can offer. To me, there is electricity in that moment.

Cera Street Art
Preferred Pronouns: he/him

RAGBRAI was a mural I created in Cedar Rapids, Iowa as a celebration of the 50th anniversary of RAGBRAI festival, and the 100th anniversary of Hall Bicycle (the building this artwork resides on). This was curated and facilitated by Bex of OnViewGallery and Artist Uprising. Installation lasted 2 weeks.

SPEEDRACER, my largest artwork to date, was an artwork created to assist in raising awareness and funds for local Chicago hospitals during the early stages of Covid. This project was facilitated by Muros.co for their program called Murals for Medical Relief. My intent with this work was to depict a healthcare hero on their way to work, commuting by bicycle, with their belongings following in tow, blasting by street lights and stop signs on the way to their very important job.

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