Tucson Fringe

The Tucson Fringe Festival is an unjuried, uncensored performing arts festival. The festival does not curate or select the performances, maintaining an environment in which everyone and anyone can perform.
About Tucson Fringe
James Pack
Preferred Pronouns: He/Him
Production from the 2023 Tucson Fringe Festival.
"Desperate to be Seen; Horrified of Being Known" by Vic Terry and Michael Simpson

Production Synopsis:

LIGHTS UP ON TWO ETHEREAL BEINGS IN A METAPHYSICAL SPACE – “Desperate to be Seen, Horrified of Being Known” is the story of two restless spirits navigating the afterlife – discussing love, loss, identity, and regret, and coping with the fact that neither of them have ever really felt alive.


Production from the 2018 Tucson Fringe Festival.
"Abeyance" by Tyler West

Production Synopsis:

It’s a one man physical comedy show, using mime and sound effects. About a guy who is waiting for an important interview, and while he is in the waiting room; a lot of problems occur. Like getting trapped in a vending machine, breaking the water cooler, having his resume fly out the window, and finding himself in a scary limbo.

Production from the 2019 Tucson Fringe Festival.
"Vixen DeVille Revealed" by Vixen DeVille
Production Synopsis:

Burlesque, Circus, Magic, Comedy … and a few home truths. British actress, Cat LaCohie reveals the truth behind her Burlesque persona, ‘Vixen DeVille”, inviting you on the journey to discovering YOUR own inner Vixen.
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