Valerie Milner Graham

Alley Cat Art Print Studio on Perry alley and Franklin street~
About Valerie Milner Graham

Valerie Milner Graham is an artist whose works unify seemingly opposing forces of tranquility and impermanence. Her works reflect her history as an artist who grew up in New York City and traveled and lived in various locations in North and South America. Valerie’s talent was first recognized at the age of 13 when a color study was showcased in a juried exhibition. She was subsequently selected for placement in an advanced visual arts track in high school. Her early training under the guidance of skilled arts educators ignited a lifelong interest in making and exhibiting art. In the 70’s she relocated to rural Montana where her artistic interests turned to fashion design showcased in an art collective. Her involvement in the collective eventually developed into a 20-year career of owning and operating successful galleries. Her work spans a variety of visual mediums and sometimes combines them. Woven together is colorful imagery that is both complex and soulful.

Valerie Milner Graham
Preferred Pronouns: her/she
Chapter 1 Hospital Angeles Lomas
No News is Good News

color pencil of intensive care post surgery July 19 2022

La Vida, Zacatecas Mexico
La Vida

Monoprint with Chine Collé

Tucson Mountain at Brown Picnic Park
Tucson Mountain Park Picnic

Open Studio Tour

About the Process

My artworks are mercurial and personal. Ideas are ignited, then take on a life of their own.
My vision is conceptual then takes on form which is sometimes direct and other times reshaped as it comes to fruition.
Printmaking with layering is my favorite medium especially when incorporating my other mediums of drawing and painting and photography. The beautiful SW landscapes, the abundance of vitality of nature along with oils, watercolors, brushes, a printing press and inks imbue my ever evolving artwork~

How to Purchase

My Alley Cat Studio will be open by contacting me during the Tour. You may view artworks in person or check out my public media pages or website.
Purchases may be made with cash or credit card or personal check while visiting my studio or contacting me at 520 257 8532 if not visiting in person.

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