Virginia Kistler

Virginia Kistler is an interdisciplinary artist working primarily in sculpture and photography.
About Virginia Kistler

Virginia Kistler earned her Bachelor of Science from The Ohio State University and Master of Fine Arts from the Columbus College of Art and Design. She is an interdisciplinary artist working primarily in sculpture and photography, while using a variety of media—laser cut acrylic, cnc router-cut plastic, stainless steel, wood, and 3D printed plastic. Before becoming a public artist, she spent twenty years designing interactives for children’s museums and science centers. Virginia has shown work nationally and has been commissioned by the Lincoln Motor Company, Cleveland State University, The Ohio State University, the Dayton Metro Library, and the city of Ocala, Florida to create permanent works of sculpture.

Virginia lives and works in Gahanna, Ohio
Public sculpture - The Ohio State Universtiy CFAES in Wooster, Ohio

Inspired by the agricultural focus of The Ohio State University’s Wooster campus and the history of its land, the sculpture illustrates the connection between plant life, agriculture, community, and growth. The work is open to interpretation intentionally and is broadly suggestive of all sciences. The glass work contains patterns that reflect the different areas of study. Tracings of plant cells, animal cells, insect wings, mushrooms, the honeycomb structure, and a ruminant’s reticulum can be found on the printed glass, while the dichroic finish suggests the field of entomology.

Medium: Stainless Steel, Dichroic Glass, Concrete Pedestal

Dimensions: h 21.5’ x w 15.8’ x d 6’

Public sculpture - Cleveland State University in Cleveland, Ohio

Replication is a commissioned work of suspended, interior sculpture, which was commissioned by Cleveland State University and funded through The Ohio Percent for Art Program. The piece is inspired by the double helix, the molecular shape of a double-stranded DNA molecule, and the layering effect is meant to be suggestive of the imaging techniques being used to study molecular structures. The work is installed in Cleveland State University’s Science Building atrium. The client requested that the work represent the fields of Biology and Chemistry and fill the building’s atrium.

Media: Resin Sheeting, Stainless Steel Cable, Powder Coated Steel, Powder Coated Aluminum

Dimensions: h 17.5′ x w 46.5′ x d 11.5′

Public sculpture - Mary Sue Rich Community Center in Ocala, Florida
The suspended, interior sculpture was commissioned by the city of Ocala for the new Mary Sue Rich Community Center. The work was created to convey a sense of life, activity, and renewal, while also connecting the piece to the site’s purpose and unique history. The piece can be viewed from a variety of vantage points, thus the piece’s appearance changes as the viewer moves through the space. Medium: Powder Coated Stainless Steel, Resin Sheeting Dimensions: 123” H x 225” W x 211” D

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