William Skiles & Lisa Stotska

We are a husband and wife team of over 30 years of making art. William is a self taught jeweler with sculpture also being a passion. Lisa is a mixed media artist with a background in graphic design.
About William Skiles & Lisa Stotska
Lisa Stotska
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Sterling silver Mod ring with glass bead
Our Fancy Mod ring with a Murano glass bead in place

We use the lost wax casting process to make our jewelry. This ring is one of our styles we make for 5 different sizes of marbles, this one is in the middle, as its 14mm, our sizes start at 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm (this is the old playing marble size) and 25mm, which is the old shooter marble size.

We make these for in a variety of lengths, and the necklace comes with a selection of machine made glass marbles to be switched out.
Player Unity Necklace

This is our Player Unity necklace that comes in a variety of lengths, also comes with a selection of glass marbles to be switched out.

Pee Wee/12mm interchangeable ring
Eternity Ring
Sterling silver with crystals set in the sides, shown here with a lab created opal, ring comes with a selection of approximately 20 marbles to be endlessly switched out.

Open Studio Tour

About the Process

We use the lost wax casting process in our studio. We start with an original design we create, decide we are going to put it into production, then William makes a silicone rubber mold of the original piece. We then we use hot wax injected into the mold, wait for it to cool, clean it up and add it to a ‘wax tree’ that will be invested and put in the oven. The wax burns out, we pour metal into the now empty mold, which is on a suction device that helps pull the metal to every nook and cranny of the mold. We wait for the casting to cool, quench it, and now have an entire ‘tree’ of the jewelry in metal. The jewelry is clipped off the tree, cleaned up just where it is attached, then we have a series of tumblers we run the jewelry through to achieve a finished polish. Some items need to come out along the way to get assembled, like a wire on an earring, but for the most part, the jewelry comes out of our tumblers done and ready to go!

How to Purchase

Our work can be purchased here in our studio, as well as on our website, and often at various art shows in the Tucson area. We generally participate in the 4th Avenue Street Fair, the SAACA shows; La Encantada and Oro Valley, and Tubac in February. You will be able to purchase during the Open Studio Tour.
We have a small showroom in our studio so you can view most of the products we make here.

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