Dragons of Character

The dragon is the mascot for the Homer Davis School, thus its selection for the artwork. Each member of the Homer Davis community is signified as a gem within the dragons. The glaze color corresponds to the gems of the dragons scales and each stone signifies the character trait representing that member of the community. The gems included are Staff/Parents: Emerald: œKeeper of Memories, Kindergartners: Diamond: œLove of Everything, First graders: Carnelian: œCurious and Inquisitive, Second graders: Ruby: œPeacekeepers, Third graders: Rose Quartz: œ Love of Beauty and the Arts, Fourth graders: Lapis Lazuli: œLove of Learning and Courageous, Fifth graders: Topaz: œSkills of Friendship and Success and Sixth graders: Amethyst: œCooperative, Kind, Responsible.

Artist(s): Rebecca Carlton

Rebecca Carlton, Dragons of Character, 2014.

Artist Rebecca Carlton created two dragons constructed from handmade ceramic tile to represent the Homer Davis School mascot. Carlton used different colors of glazes among the dragons' scales to represent character traits of those among the school community.
Address: 4250 N. Romero Road (Homer Elementary School)

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