Epes Randolph

Burke created the water-base clay original of Randolph utilizing photographic images from the collection of the Arizona Historical Society Museum. To represent the railroad, train wheels and railroad ties are incorporated into the pedestal and adjacent design elements.

Artist(s): Nicholas L Burke

Nicholas L Burke, Epes Randolph, 2006.

Incorporating details of the railroad, such as train wheels and railroad ties, artist Nicholas L. Burke fabricated a bronze bust of magnate Epes Randolph atop an ornamental pedestal. Burke utilized photos of Randolph from Arizona Historical Society Museum to accurately depict his likeness.
Dimensions: 7' 2"h x 33"w x 22"d x 36"d
Address: East Camino Campestre and Randolph Way (Intersection of East Camino Campestre, Luna Linda, and Randolph Way)

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