Glass Arbor

Glass Arbor, designed for the Udall Senior Center, is intended to gently fill the lofty ceiling area of the reception space with reflective light and color. The soaring 20' high space is held by tall glass windows on two sides, which look north and south to an existing row of ash trees. The leaf shapes in the sculpture are reminiscent of ash leaves, with graceful curves and long tapered points. The colored leaves are arranged in a subtle spectral gradation from left to right as one views the piece from the center's entrance. The iridescence of the glass enhances this effect, allowing the hanging sculpture to shift in color as one moves throughout the space.

Artist(s): Carrie Seid

Carrie Seid, Glass Arbor, 2004.

Working with dichroic glass and aluminum, artist Carrie Seid creates leaf-like shapes, suspended in the air. Each glass "leaf" is fastened into an aluminum grid, creating a colorful screen of iridescent glass.
Dimensions: 3 panels: 4' x 8' x 10"
Address: Udall Senior Center (7200 E. Tanque Verde Rd.)

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