La Vida de Nuestros Barrios Viejos

The bronze relief on the skirt is the Virgin Mary with serpent trim around the edge. The buttons reflect the Aztec calendar. The little boy's clothing includes a relief of Emiliano Zapata on his t-shirt and a serpent on his belt. Both figures are bare-footed.

Artist(s): Luis Mena

Luis Mena, La Vida de Nuestros Barrios Viejos, 2009.

A pair of bronze figures meant to depict barrio community members stand barefooted in artist Luis Mena's 'La Vida de Nuestros Barrios Viejos'. Imprinted into the clothing of the figures are a series of iconic images.
Dimensions: 6"h x 5'1"w x 32"d
Address: Tucson Fire Department (300 S Fire Central Pl, SE corner)

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