Ammi Robles

Hello, my name is Ammi Robles and I am a consultant Communications Associate for the Arts Foundation.
About Ammi Robles

Ammi Robles is a visual artist and language interpreter raised in Agua Prieta, Sonora, a border town just a step away from the United States. She also works as a performer, photographer, and videographer and aspires to pursue a career in acting and filmmaking.

Some of her recent work, alongside other Fronterizx women artwork, has been showcased in Scottdale’s Museum of Contemporary Art in the exhibition “Division of Labor: Women Shifting a Transnational Gaze”, and her photography and video work is currently on view at MOCA Tucson in the MUJERES NOURISHING FRONTERIZX BODIES: RESISTANCE IN THE TIME OF COVID-19 exhibition.

Ammi G Robles
Preferred Pronouns: she/her/ella
(520) 525-4373
2021 C-print 45 x 30 inches
Run Little Girl
2019 Digital Video
Once Upon a Time en la Frontera

Gerardo is a young Mexican who lives in a small border town. One day like any other, Gerardo goes out to walk his dog and follows his usual route, only this time, an unconventional friendship arises through the famous “Wall.”

A Test Embed
Español de México