Andree Richmond

About Andree Richmond

I always had the urge to make things. This first manifested in the usual predictable areas of sewing and stitchery, then moved on to other media. The propensity to create has been with me always and has led me to learn ways to make things using variety of materials. My early college advisors encouraged me to studio mixed media, but I really loved clay. That has been my life’s work and my constant companion since.
Hand painted plates of various sizes

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About the Process

I start with two pinch pots which are joined together to form the body and then the limbs which are usually solid are attached. After the form is dried enough, all the intricate decorative construction is done, along with carving away to the final form. Underglaze decoration is applied then an over glaze completes the surface.

How to Purchase

You can buy from my website, contact me via phone, email, Facebook or website. You can also make an appointment and visit my studio. My work is shown in Mas Y Mas Gallery in Tubac.

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