Ann Troutner

Architectural Glass Art by Ann Troutner
About Ann Troutner

The beauty of glass and light is timeless and elegant. Glass captures, magnifies and manipulates all light sources, while it literally reflects the surrounding environment. The artwork becomes interactive, as viewers move through the environment, seeing different angles of ever changing light.
Ann Troutner earned a BFA from, Pitzer College, Claremont, California, and her MA in EAL from Prescott College, Arizona. Ann is a native Arizonan, and also a home owner in Guanajuato, GTO, Mexico, living between the two countries for more than 30 years. Ann is a working artist, since 1979, and an internationally recognized glass artist, receiving numerous awards, completing many art exhibitions, public and private architectural commissions. Ann has been guest faculty at Pilchuck Glass School, Washington and Penland School, North Carolina, an esteemed lecturer in Japan, Europe, Mexico, Canada, and throughout, United States, while maintaining her studios in Tucson, Arizona and Guanajuato, GTO, Mexico.

Ann Troutner
Preferred Pronouns: her/she/ella
Two mirrored, beaded glass walls 10’ x 34’ each and reception desk 3’6” x 15’, and mirrored, etched glass floor 16’6” x 34’

Now, belonging to MicroSoft, LIQUID LIGHT exemplifies the concept of moving light, as well as, flowing water. The two long opposing, slightly curving walls 10’ x 34’ each are mirrored, beaded glass, as is the reception desk 3’6” x 15’, and the mirrored, etched glass floor 16’6” x 34’, all identify this area, as a unique meeting area.

Mirrored, beaded glass wall 10' x 15'

REFLECTION WALL was commissioned by Swedish Medical Center, Seattle WA for their interfaith chapel. The visitor passes a “door and a window to the universe” both made of polished black granite, to then enter the chapel and be facing a wall of light; an expansive wall 10′ x 15′ of mirrored glass beads. The natural beauty of reflective light encourages mediation and calm.

detail from beaded glass wall 10' x 50'
CONSCILIENCE was commissioned by the University of Houston at Clear Lake, Houston, Texas for a second story walkway between the computer Sciences building and the Student Services building. The 50’ long wall is a state-of-the-art narrative that represents the unity of knowledge, combines art and science, and emphasizes intelligence, mystery and magic, with seven life-size clear figures surrounded by laminated beads creating planetary matter, dichroic colors, DNA chain, etc. The voluminous lobby space is brought to life by the constant motion of the light transmitting and reflecting colors from the various glass materials seen up close along the second floor catwalk, and from the outside walkway, and farther away from the ground floor entry.

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