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About Brooke Molla

Brooke Molla is a printmaker and painter living and working in the low desert of Arizona. Her woodcuts are made with found wood, metal, plastic and power tools. All of the prints are created without a press which allows the artist to create prints in any size and in any location. Her inspiration comes from the insignificant objects of nature that are mostly found at her feet on sidewalks, insects caught in spiderwebs or found under a porch light. Also the quick glimpses of nature viewed through the windows of houses and cars. These objects that are found or quickly seen such as seeds, leaves, parts of insects and animals are the foundation of her landscapes and portraits. They are the clues of an active world of nature that surrounds us but a world that we very rarely see and know very little about.
Looking for Nature
Heart in the Desert
Ancient Deer

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About the Process

I work on Paintings and Prints at the same time. Usually the paintings are my preliminary sketches for a print. The paintings resemble woodcuts because they incorporate lots of carving and engraving. The prints are woodcuts with hand sewing. Woodcut is very low tech and can be done without a press. Each print is spoon rubbed with a wooden spoon that I have used for many years. I find that using a press is limiting in size and spontaneity. Hand sewing is important as an aesthetic tool to incorporate different types of paper. Before I start a painting or print I search for Natural objects within my limited environment. I look for insects in spiderwebs or under the porch light. While I work in the garden I come across weeds, seeds and leaves. My daughters will also find objects for me that they find within their own environments. That is how a painting or print is started.

How to Purchase

Cash, or Credit Card in person

DECEMBER 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, and 12 10am to 5pm

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