colin selig

I combine a modern aesthetic with sustainable design practices to create sculptures and site furnishings that engage the public and foster climate awareness.
About colin selig
Hornet elementary school mascot sculpture

Commissioned by Washington DC Public Schools for the Randle Elementary School in SE DC, Vespa is a colorful, abstract hornet designed to appeal to people of all ages.  Made entirely from repurposed scrap steel propane tanks this sculpture is intended to be enjoyed for its aesthetic qualities as well as foster climate awareness.

Climbable park sculpture

Arachnicat is a whimsical, climbable biomorphic sculpture commissioned for Clover Park, in Dublin, California. Combining an insect’s body, feline ears and a scorpion’s tail, this climate conscious play structure is made entirely from repurposed scrap steel propane tanks.  The three seating surfaces serve as steps for kids who want to climb higher. Dimensions:  10’ x 12’ x 6’

Climbable sculpture
Crouching along the Northern Strand Trail in Malden, Massachusetts is Pentarachnid, a five legged spider designed for human interaction. Constructed entirely from scrap steel propane tanks which were carefully dissected and reassembled, this sculpture contains 99% post consumer reused content.

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