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Dragana Skrepnik: Dragana was born and raised in the former Yugoslavia where she earned a degree in Economics and Business. In 1989, she came to tropical New Orleans with her family where she achieved her lifelong dream of becoming an artist. In 2001, she moved to Tucson, and abstract painting became her passion; it allowed her to explore her curiosity, be free, and express the feelings and dreams that existed in her life. She expresses this through vivid colors running loose on large scale canvases that depict semi-abstract landscapes. Her work is done through pure creative impulses that she feels moment to moment when she travels or emotions that are absorbed into her mind and soul in everyday life. She works in oil media, with warm and bold colors, rich texture, and wants her to bring energy and optimism. A new technique she has been exploring in the last few years is using resin over oil; this brings more depth, vibrancy, and a new dimension to her art. The atmosphere depicted in her landscapes present the spirit and soul that exist in the mind of the painter at the moment of creating a piece, and she hopes that the same feeling will be recreated in the viewer. Dragana's work

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Dragana Skrepnik

My paintings are a reflection of my life-long love for color and beauty and an expression of my imagination and dreams. My goal is to take viewers into an unknown, dream-like place full of happiness and a warm atmosphere.
To express my vision, I use oil on canvas media, bold colors, and rich texture that brings energy and optimism. In my abstract landscapes, I like to depict the connection between the past, present and future and to create a special spirit between the land and the horizon that exists 'in the moment'. Lately, I have been using a new technique, “resin over oil”, to bring more depth, vibrancy and a new dimension to my art.
Moreover, I enjoy creating something that exists in my mind. I create a conversation piece where the viewer can experience the hidden meaning and emotion behind the abstract forms, colors, and composition. I always hope that the paintings will intrigue the viewer and inspire intense feelings. My art expresses my soul, my travels, and all the experiences in my life that have made me who I am. I feel blessed to be able to do what I love and share my art with others by evoking optimism, joy, and happiness.

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