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About Jesse Berlin

Jesse Berlin has been an avid sculptor from early childhood. He received a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from the SAIC and an MFA in Sculpture from SIUC where he specialized in figurative sculpture. While at SAIC he worked at the International Museum of Surgical Science as the curator of the Anatomy in the Gallery exhibition, a showcase of medically themed, contemporary art. In 2004, Jesse was recruited into the Maxillofacial Prosthetic Technician training program at the Bronx VA Medical Center and Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York where he advanced his skills by creating realistic facial prosthetics.

Jesse has exhibited in numerous prestigious galleries across the country and has received several awards for his work. These include the Tucson Museum of Art, Copro Gallery in Santa Monica, and Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati. He has also appeared in several periodicals, and has been featured twice on "Morning Blend" (Tucson's ABC affiliate morning show).

He now resides in his hometown of Tucson, where continues to produce sculpture, and is an active part of the local art community. He is also currently the studio Manager at Romero house Potters ceramics studio.
The Prostitute
Anubis 3 Canopic Jar/Funerary Urn
Cthulhu Wall Sconce

Open Studio Tour

About the Process

My sculpture consists of realistic representations of uncanny and often surreal subject matter. It is anatomical, visceral, and psychologically unnerving, while simultaneously being both repellent and magnetic. The result of this is a body of work that is totemic of the anxiety's that are often present in the human sub-conscious. This work appeals to the instinctual fascination with the imperfect and the misshapen, often combining traditional standards of elegance and beauty with a child's raw and unbiased curiosity.

Through the process of fastidiously modeling every detail of anatomical forms and handcrafting mechanical and decorative componentry from various media, I form an intimacy with my work that is then transmitted to the viewer. In pursuit of an understanding of what we find appealing and why, one may arrive at a sort of objectivity through which beauty and revelation can be found in the least likely places. As such, I approach my work as scientific exploration in which each experiment leads to the next in an ongoing examination of the human condition.

How to Purchase

The best way to purchase my art is to contact me directly via email at
You may also contact me through my website,, or through Macabre Gallery,

DECEMBER 4th – 5th 11am – 6pm
DECEMBER 11th – 12th 11am – 6pm

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