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•The only revolution is to be one’s self • I don’t want to be right, I am of service• An exceptionally curious soul, a polymath, Multidisciplinary artist & Multidimensional human being
About monika bravo
East Boston Police Area A7 HQ, Eagle Street.
UNUS MUNDUS_the spirit of the piece is the potential for dialogue

Medium: 4 sculptural interventions, suspended glass elements, 15 separate glass mosaic and ceramic prints on the walls.  Commissioning agency: City of Boston Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture and the Boston Art Commission
 Dimensions: 4 suspended mobiles each 72″ x 36″ x 100″ each, and 214 square ft of mosaics. Description: With Courage, find a Vocation embodying your perspective to serve in the Community.  The shapes of the suspended float glass are abstractions of these words, using a modular typeface, {Josef Albers, Bauhaus, 1923}. Consisting of three shapes: a square, a circle, and a quarter circle of the same radius-organized on a grid. The mosaics on the wall behind the mobiles represent the original five islands of East Boston that became one with the landfill used to make the airport – this fragmentation of the internal self is reflected in society. I invite viewers to move around the space, embodying the various perspectives, and in that be in the potential for dialogue. Created and informed in conjunction with a Community Engagement Workshop held prior, in three sessions  “EN-JOY_I SEE U IN ME {in a new perspective}”.


Location: Terminal 1, Gate 17, MSP International Airport, St. Paul, Minnesota 
LIMINAL, 2022, Public Art commission

Commissioning agency: Arts @MSP, MSP Airport Foundation Medium: float Glass Panels intervention (airbrush) / digital lamination Dimensions: two double sided glass walls / 4 views of 7’-6” H x 32’ W (9/16”)each  Description: An architectural separation between the intimate space of the restrooms and the long side corridor that connects the gates to leisure areas. Minnesota’s luscious and mesmerizing landscape inspires the mind to reveal what is contained under the subsoil, the passage of time in layers unseen to the eye. These deep sediments, the space, a build-up over years of evolution, and nature’s forces working upon matter displays a colorful fabric, a space that holds us. Awareness comes from the relationship an individual establishes with themselves, the environment, and one another. In this piece, Time is not just perceived as cyclical, it is also represented as an itinerary, a route, a line that defines migratory routes, as nodes connecting the transitions, progressions, and liminal places between evolution. The compositions stem from its topography, geological data, the natural surroundings, lines, and nodes interweave with small vignettes that give away old postcards from the location.


Location: Jackson School of Geosciences, Austin, Texas 
Commissioning agency: Landmarks Public Art Program, the University of Texas at Austin
Medium: multichannel animations Dimensions: 195” x 36 x 6” Description: Lodged between the space of knowing and not knowing, between natural phenomena and scientific inquiry. By drawing inspiration from the primary elements that make up our planet—earth, water, fire, and air. I invite the viewer to consider how we reconcile our knowledge of the natural world with our anthropocentric lives. In turning to the geological, I allude to a complex process of transformation occurring at rates invisible to us. The installation features geological data layered with visuals recorded in locations such as Iceland, New Mexico, Colorado, and my native Colombia. In this project I used poetry written by geologists threading it and animating it into seismographic charts, resulting in a breath-like pulsation as we breathe in tandem with mother Earth.

Public Artist Art Roster

I enjoy directing and producing diverse projects, from complex multi-media installations and public art commissions to artists’ books, textile design, and community workshops – thus, I see no boundaries between the applied and fine arts. I synthesized my unique vision by embracing all disciplines into one, creating a reality that matches my desire to evolve. My unique essence prompts me to connect, communicate and inspire other beings to be their most authentic selves, which is truly revolutionary. 

I care deeply about the needs of communities, and listening to them has been the anchor of my art practice in the last two decades, committed to public art.

Working closely together with fabricators, architects, production managers, and designers in the early stages of significant commissions has proven invaluable. To convey my vision requires that I fully trust my emotional body to choose the right collaborators who can express the piece’s needs for its fabrication. Transforming limitations into motivation is one of the most important things that I have learned, becoming one of my main assets, oftentimes challenging myself with new technologies and materials.

The human experience is central to my art, an agora of sorts, where various personal views and perspectives can find common ground in an exchange of ideas, a perennial opportunity for reflection and connection.  In creating these layered and meaningful experiences, I enjoy being of service as an artist and being true to my vocation, bringing meaning into communities.

Hailing from a lineage of pioneering Colombian women in innovative education, I'm intrigued by sustainability and the capacity to foster creativity, learning, and inquisitiveness. I provide a platform equipped with pedagogic tools and practices, nurturing a connection to fundamental needs that breed authenticity, enriching communities in myriad dimensions.

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