Welcome Waves

The fences were inspired by looking up at the sky while swimming underwater. Starting nearly flat at the bottom of the fence, the bands become successively wavier as they move up, so that it is possible to stand under the top bands and see their broadening intersecting wave forms. The fences are made to be seen from two different viewpoints. Close to the fence, the horizontal waves seen large-scale within the confined area have a strong sculptural presence. The undulating planes invite swimmers to run their hands along the smooth surfaces as they walk to the locker rooms. From farther away on the pool deck, the fences appear to be groupings of flat horizontal pieces. The shiny, waving surfaces reflect an irregular pattern of light and dark bands that can be appreciated from a distance. The fences were fabricated and technical elements designed by local designer/metalworker, Tom McNeil.

Artist(s): Mary Lucking

Mary Lucking, Welcome Waves, 2006.

The two fence sculptures by artist Mary Lucking are integrated into the walls of the pool entry building, installed on either side of the entry and created to guide patrons to the locker rooms on opposite sides. The artwork was fabricated by cutting, welding, and bending the widely-spaced stainless steel lengths to undulate, creating the essence of a rippling surface.
Dimensions: Fence 1: 11' x 11' x 3''; Fence 2: 11' x 9' x 3'
Address: Quince Douglas Pool, (1575 East 36th Street)

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