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Hi Tucson, I lived in the Old Pueblo for many years but currently reside in a SW sister city – Albuquerque. I’m a big fan of the SW and getting out into the land.
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Albuquerque based sculptor, John Davis, creates a range of three dimensional artworks from pedestal size to monumental scaled public art. There is frequent reference to the natural landscape in his studio work. His use of industrial and natural materials expresses a dialog of contradistinctive forces. While his studio work reflects his feelings about the natural landscape, his approach to public art is to celebrate the function, setting and context of the public site through sculptural means. He has completed public artworks for municipal, commercial, institutional, county and state clients in several states across the country and has exhibited in several galleries including one person shows at OK Harris in NY and Davis Dominguez in Tucson. John is co-organizer of an effort to establish a 21st century art park in New Mexico. This organization - Art Park 21 – champions an overarching theme of eco-centrism in works that can touch on our connection to our ecosphere as the primary aspect of their content

John Davis Artworks, LLC
Preferred Pronouns: He/Him
Fluoropolymer coated steel, bearing assemblies; 2020; 17’ x 9’ x 16’; $140k; With the body in motion in the context of water in motion, this installation connects with themes of daring, adventure

With the human body in motion in the context of water in motion, this installation connects with themes of daring, adventure, and challenge. Three lengthy arcs extend up and out into space cantilevering beyond a pivot support assembly. These arcs evolve into alternating serpentine wave shapes as they extend progressively further up and out. This progressive extension suggests escalation, acceleration, exertion. The fact that they are cantilevered adds themes of excitement, risk, adventure. Undulation evokes energy, fluid, dynamism. At the end of these arcs are circular wind vanes which will rotate with the wind direction. Incorporating actual motion in addition to implied motion, these circles connect with the idea of water bubbles. The pivot assembly which supports the arcs has three arms in ascending order, reinforcing the idea of escalation with the progressive colors of increasing intensity at the connections to the arcs. This installation is fabricated of steel and coated with epoxy primer and fluoropolymer.

Welded steel, fluoropolymer coating, LED lighting; 2019; 11’ x 25’ x 17’; $150k The artwork functions as a gathering place on the plaza overlooking the rapids at the Poudre River Whitewater Park

The City of Fort Collins hired me to participate on the design team for the Poudre River Whitewater Park. This team included designers from the landscape architect, members of Ft. Collins Parks Planning and engineers. As the process evolved, I was given the opportunity to propose a functional art feature that served as a shelter for a seating area. The final design reflected input from the design team through multiple meetings and presentations. The site is the plaza overlooking the rapids. This plaza is at a nexus connecting the pedestrian bridge over the river, and intersecting bike paths. The forms evoke the aerating motion of water over rapids that generates whitewater.


Fluoropolymer coated steel, bearing assembly, LED lighting. 2017; 17’ x 11’ x 7’. $52k. The artwork uses the vocabulary of the circle and spiral in forming a colorful and gestural celebration
This artwork uses the vocabulary of the circle and the spiral in forming a colorful and gestural celebration of the essence of the disc golf park in Wylie, TX. At the heart of the purpose of the park are the disc and the gesture of sending it on its trajectory. The act of throwing the disc is a spiraling motion of the body. The disc itself is a circle. It has some physical properties of a wing and spins to maintain a stable path. The spiral in the artwork suggests energy and propulsion of the disc. The wind vane at the end connects to the airborne aspect of the disc golfing activity and can also give golfers an indication of wind direction which may affect the path of long throws.

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